Our Services

Lubrication Testing Services

We help you achieve the best performance by giving advance warning of conditions that could make the equipment degrade

Technical Support

Our engineers support customers and distributors everyday on different areas such as product advises, rationalization of products, optimization of lubrication intervals. and problem solving

Expertise Services

Our experts offer system and components inspections, lubrication training, root cause failure analysis and detailed lubrication applications


We offer different training to our clients, which includes product knowledge, customer service and help you use the right lubricant for the right application

Our Products

Foodsol DDO Light/Heavy

Dough divider oil for bread and pastry machine

Foodsol Chain 101 & 104

Meat processing, airlines, very light hydraulic, textile, knitwear,mould release

Foodsol Hydraulic AW 22

Light hydraulic, airtool, pneumatic network application

Foodsol Hydraulic AW 32

Hydraulic oil, vane pumps

Foodsol Hydraulic AW 46

Hydraulic oil, gear pumps

Foodsol Hydraulic AW 68

Hydraulic oil, gear and piston pumps, light gear boxes and light screw compressor lubricant less than 5 bars

Foodsol Gear Oil EP 150

High speed, low load gear boxes

Foodsol Gear Oil EP 220

High speed, low-medium load gear boxes

Foodsol Gear Oil EP 320

Medium speed, moderately high loaded gear boxes

Foodsol Gear Oil EP 460

Low speed, high and shock loaded gear boxes

Foodsol Gear Oil EP 680

Low speed, high load and warm gear boxes

Foodsol MTH light or Heavy

Mechanical Tea Harvester

Foodsol Chain 10EP

Chain Lubricant, side ways and conveyor rope

Foodsol Chain 12EP

Chain oil, slideways, emergency leaking gear boxes, conveyor lubricant

Foodsol Grease ALM EP 00

Semi fluid centralized grease lubrication, chain grease. use in gear boxes in case of leakage

Foodsol Grease ALM EP 2

High load grease application, chain grease

Foodsol Grease ALM EP 3

High speed,light load gear and motor grease application. Chain grease

Foodsol Grease MP 2

Multipurpose grease, low load, light bearing lubricant

Foodsol Handy oil

Multipurpose oil, suitable for skin and hair care products