We manufacture and  distribute high performing lubricants  ideal for use in a diverse range of industrial applications. Our Technical professions are ready to assist you with your specific application needs 

food processing

Our Foodsol lubricants meet and exceed performance requirement of compressors, vacuum pumps, chains and Conveyers,hydraulic systems, gearboxes and deep frying tunnels. These specially formulated food grade lubricants are effective under severe food processing operating conditions.

Our foodsol lubricants are NSF approved


We offer high performing lubricants meeting the latest approvals and standards for all types of engines, which offer long service life and reliability

power generation

Lubesol offers a number of products for the power generation area which enhance reliability, uniterrupted operation and long service life. our lubricants are formulated to perform in extremely demanding environments, including heavy load, high temparature and water contamination.


Lubesol offers special lubricants for the military and commercial aviation industry including greases, turbine oil, hydraulic fluids and corrosion preventives.

our products are evaluated by our lubricants specialists for quality and perfomance

seaport logistic and marine

We offer specific lubricants for seaport equipment like port cranes and others, which do require lubricants with the ability to withstand heavy load, salt water, weather and cossosion over a long time.


We provide lubricants used within the mining mainly for processing plant equipment, enclosed gear boxes and for rolling equipment